Objectives & Principles

Sivil Kumbara in Principles and Values

*Under no circumstances is it in the position of an upper union and does not act
*Under no circumstances does it interfere with the internal affairs of NGOs.
*It is impartial and independent from all third parties.
*It is based on transparency and accountability in all its activities and at all levels.
*It respects all rights and freedoms accepted in international conventions.
*It is against all kinds of discrimination and perceives and evaluates differences as wealth.
*It is sensitive to the integrity of life and ecosystem values in terms of production and consumption patterns.
*It adopts the understanding of participation and pluralism as a way of life.
*It is a platform that produces practical and fast solutions and is in life.
SİVİL KUMBARA in terms of Purposes

*It aims to help non-governmental organizations and individuals to increase their productivity through activities that will eliminate their lack of knowledge, economic power and courage.

*It conducts studies to create the map and database of civil society and to establish a communication network; supports efforts to establish national and international NGO platforms, works to provide opportunities to encourage positive / negative information and experience sharing among NGOs.

*It aims to strengthen civil initiative by promoting social entrepreneurship and increasing social awareness by announcing the work of civil organizations and conducting lobbying activities with its mass media network infrastructure.

* To encourage the participation of NGOs in decision-making processes, to improve their dialogues with the public, to ensure their institutional development and sustainability; In addition, in order to gain experience by establishing international collaborations and to transfer this experience, to network with each other and to maintain networks and to strengthen their institutional infrastructure; It aims to develop their organizational, managerial, financial and legal infrastructures and their communication and human resources capacities.

* It aims and encourages them to become a member of a social network that will serve to develop its own function by cooperating with similar international institutions.

*It develops methods for efficient, fair and principled use of the support to be given to NGOs, and carries out incentives and studies to provide these supports.

SİVİL KUMBARA in terms of functional priorities

*To strengthen its own corporate, mass and technical infrastructure,

*Supporting networks in the context of improving the capacities of target NGOs,

*The consolidation of intra-organizational democracies; Improving communication and cooperation between NGOs at home and abroad and with other areas such as state / local administration,

*It prioritizes supporting initiatives that have the capacity to set a successful example and / or have the potential to make a successful example sustainable.

SİVİL KUMBARAin terms of identity priorities

*Ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation; It makes no discrimination in terms of economic situation, political opinion, philosophical tendency and religious belief.

SİVİL KUMBARA in terms of its methods

*In accordance with the point of view, purpose and principles; uses any method that is not unlawful
*It is based on creating strategies and tactics and making action plans as a continuous methodical choice in order to bring the perspective to life.
*Uses measurable indicators in the progress, outcome and impact assessment of projects
*In determining the needs and application methods, the participant follows the planning processes based on collective decision-making.

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