Confidentiality Agreement

Mobile Application Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
Privacy policy and terms of use specified here; It is valid for all mobile applications of SivilKumbara published in Google Play Store and IOS App Store. By installing these applications on your mobile device, you are deemed to have accepted the privacy policy and terms of use contained in this text. If you do not agree to these terms, do not install these applications on your mobile device.

In our applications, the data entered is stored on encrypted servers in a way that only you can see and is not shared with third parties or institutions.

Phone Usage Permissions, the permissions required for the shortcut search process from our Application must be provided by you. This permission given is only used in the shortcut searches of your customers registered in the Application and the personal data of your customers are stored in encrypted form only in your private databases.

Internet Usage Permissions are the permissions required to send Data from our Application to encrypted servers and users must define it. These permissions are not used to transfer information from your phone other than your request. The given internet access permission is used only for the data and photo transfer of the forms you fill out in the application.

Camera Usage: The use of camera in our Mobile Applications is used only for the photos you want to send from the application. It is not used without user knowledge. The photos taken in the mobile application are stored in the encrypted environment of the user and are only accessible to him and the institution to which he is affiliated. Photos are not shared with third parties or institutions without user information.

Our applications do not collect any personal information about you and do not request any such information from you.

SivilKumbara will always show the necessary care and sensitivity to publish quality and useful applications. However, we make no commitment that the content in our applications will meet your expectations, be useful to you, or contain accurate information. We offer applications as they are. For this reason, you agree that you cannot hold SivilKumbara responsible for any adverse situation arising from our practices.

SivilKumbara endeavors to take all possible measures regarding the security of these applications and fulfills its obligations under the Google Play Developer Program Policies agreement. However; Internet and digital media are not safe enough areas. Therefore, we do not guarantee that we will provide you with a 100% safe service.

Our applications are only available in Google Play Store and IOS App Store. In the event that these applications are located in another android or IOS store without our knowledge, SivilKumbara cannot be held responsible for the downloads from here.

These applications may contain advertisements and links from third parties. You accept that you cannot hold SivilKumbara responsible for the nature, content, security or the damages that may arise from these third party advertisements and links. You can learn how to adjust your settings for ads served by Google on the ad settings page.

All copyrights regarding all content consisting of audio, written and visual elements and software in these applications belong to SivilKumbara. Any of our apps or their copyrighted content; copying, reproducing, republishing, disassembling, reproducing to the public, etc. You agree that you will not take action.

You can send us your opinions and suggestions about the conditions stated here at

SivilKumbara; may make changes in the text of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The changes made will take effect immediately. We indicate the date we made changes as the "last update date" at the bottom. takes into account various confidentiality principles in order to protect the security of your corporate, personal and payment information. This privacy statement explains the policies and practices regarding the security and privacy of the personal information you provide in your transactions with By using and mobile applications, you declare and undertake in advance that you will abide by the practices and obligations of this confidentiality agreement. may unilaterally change the articles of this Privacy Policy at any time, provided that it is posted in the Privacy Policy section of the website. Changed or renewed provisions in this way are valid from the date of publication on the site. Members and users are required to visit this page periodically to check the current terms.

The personal information of the user is understood as name and surname, address, telephone, e-mail address, other social media user names and any other information intended to identify the user. will not disclose any of the personal information to companies and third parties that did not cooperate, unless otherwise stated in this privacy statement. will be able to disclose the information of users to third parties by going beyond these provisions in the cases listed below. These situations;

Law, Decree, Regulation etc. the legal and procedural rules issued by the competent legal authorities and the authority of the requirements of the contracts between the users of and the administrative and / or judicial authorities must comply with the legal and procedural rules, the obligations imposed by the legal rules in force to protect the users' rights or security, instead the application of these and their implementation, requests for information about users in line with a properly conducted research or investigation, are necessary., as the person who provides and operates the system that contains services and contents, determines and uses the IP address of the users when necessary in order to identify the problems related to the system and to solve the problems that may arise on the Website immediately. As stated above, IP addresses can be used to identify users, to collect demographic data comprehensively and to carry out service development activities in this direction.

The obligation of the website to store traffic data (log) specified in the law numbered 5651 is also reserved.

Personal information obtained through the website can be used to provide a more effective and quality service to users or members, to engage in various marketing and sales activities, to contact, to update information and similar purposes.

Credit Card and money transfer information of the members and users is used to process the payment transactions of the products and services you have purchased and to make the payment in accordance with the realization of these transactions. In cases where a purchase is made on the website, financial information such as credit card, expiry date, CVV2 is provided to banks, credit card companies, etc. It is accepted to be shared with 3rd parties. This information is deleted without any recording. Since this information passes directly from the servers of the banks, it cannot be viewed, stored, copied or stored by or third parties, except for banks.

All credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online with the customer by the relevant banks and similar card institutions, independent of Information such as credit card password is not displayed aims to protect its customers' financial information and beyond that, personal information, thanks to SSL, Thawte and McAfee security systems that it uses through the Iyzico payment system. may cooperate with many 3rd party institutions and organizations in various ways in order to use its services and services more effectively. This collaboration; It may be through advertising, sponsorship, authorized marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods., in its communication activities, declares and undertakes that it will make authorized communication / marketing as stipulated by the laws and provide tools that will enable the user to exit the system free of charge and easily. cannot be held responsible for the privacy of the aforementioned information in case its users share their personal information on platforms accessible to other users. Users are responsible for any personal information they post on these platforms and is not responsible for any damages arising from disclosure of this information. accepts to keep the confidential information given to it strictly private and confidential, to keep it as a secret, and to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent the unauthorized use or unauthorized use of all or any part of confidential information to a third party. With this notification, it undertakes to take all the precautions and to show all the due diligence.

This Confidentiality Agreement is a whole together with the Terms of Use and must be interpreted together.