About Us

Civil society may be defined as the “organized society” in most plain means. That is to say; all segments of the society cooperating for several issues and holding the capacity of an organized body for such purposes. The concept of civil society shall be understood as the designation of all the segments of a society. These segments which reflect the real structure of the community include different cultural and ethnical groups, associations, charity funds, profession chambers, political parties etc.

As may be seen, the civil society and the democracy are two interwoven concepts which in fact one causing the other; and impossible to be thought independent from each other. The question “is social media acting in a democratic manner by means of civil society and democracy” should be answered. The individuals acting in the social media because represent the civil society participants arriving from each segment of the community. This representation is concreted in social areas wherein the individual may form and develop itself and its identity freely according to its will; whereas, the formally accepted wide-scale democracy but having a meaning only for a so called requirement of freedom and equality.

The innovations experienced in communication and information technologies in the modern times do make impacts on the societies and economies. The internet has paved the way both for individual and collective global communication within a competition environment accelerated by globalism. The most prominent initiatives in this area experienced in the recent years is the social network and media applications. The social media is the most significant concept of the present day since unites the internet with public relations. The web-mobile applications go beyond the time and place limits whereas enable people to control the life. The micro-blogs announce any development occurring in any spot of this world whereas the users meet with each other in social media networks which cause the emerging of environments of discussions and/or common interest hubs. The new technologies are in line with the fast pace of this age and accordingly give also birth to the applications that meet the needs of the people who feel like to catch such an energetic tempo. The humans share their individual experiences and ideas to leave a “trace” of their personal existence as well as contacting with the people of common interest i.e. are in seek of creating a self-specific collective area in the social media by making use of such applications. Accordingly, these applications serve a psychological relaxation for the individual besides providing a chance of being an individual trademark at the same time. On the other hand, the opportunities generated by the social media also relate to the companies whereas the enterprises now have the chance to direct their business processes more correctly and effectively.

Considering all such fast and technological innovations being experienced in the very present time, we have developed the application SİVİL KUMBARA to a) find a solution to the finance needs of the civil society organization and b) ensure the integration of the individuals and enterprises with the civil society organizations through social media.

Sivil Kumbara generates solutions to the critical finance issues of the civil society organizations as well as, and in relation, bringing together the individuals and enterprises who could not access into the civil society due to a variety of reasons. In short, we hope to transform the already existing daily costs of the individuals and enterprises to a financing source for the civil society organizations.

Our purpose is to contribute for the use of psychological, collective and economic powers of social media to the favour of the civil society organizations and all the communities of the earth.


Sivil Kumbara is an online social network which enables the individuals and enterprises, who e-shop or give internet ads, to support the civil society organizations however without any extra cost.

Sivil Kumbara is a social initiative that has been founded for producing solutions to the donation lacking needs of the civil society organizations. Kumbara has developed an alternative source accumulation method for the civil society organizations where transforms the internet shopping, digital marketing and social media use to a favourable source for the civil society. Any person or enterprise performing e-shopping or giving internet advertisement then may participate in the social benefit attempts and also generating a personal income through such attempts.

You don’t afford any extra payment while you use SİVİL KUMBARA. You may favour all the discounts and campaigns effective in the very website through which you make your shopping. Using SİVİL KUMBARA is totally free of charge both for the users and the civil society organizations. SİVİL KUMBARA transfers the accumulating income, coming from the marketing works it has realized, to its members and to the civil society organizations as a financial support. SİVİL KUMBARA obtains the financial amounts required for its sustainability from the performed online marketing activities.

SİVİL KUMBARA is founded as aiming to enable persons to perform good acts without any cost and also to provide an additional source of income for the social media users. We believe that small supports will cause a great impact in time and certain positive outcomes will be reached for the solution of significant and effective actual issues related to the children, education, environment, animal rights etc. If you also wish the goodness to win and feel to be a volunteer, just register and start to perform your shopping, digital marketing and advertising activities through SİVİL KUMBARA. At the same time, you may invite your circles and friends to SİVİL KUMBARA and assist us to be accessible by more people.

Welcome aboard. We are much stronger with you.